For us, the quality is one of the main priorities without a doubt, a good parameter to measure the level of any products or services.

Speaking about Software Development, we must consider the quality and it is measure through the life cycle.

There are many methodologies and techniques based on the highest standards of quality inquiries for world renowned organizations. In Softlogik S.A. de C.V. applies some automated techniques to accomplish the goal of quality. When the test finds an error into the system, it sends a notification to the development team for correction:

  • Unit Testing. It makes a software components deep testing.
  • Functionality Testing. It tests a functionality  or system requirements to know if it satisfy the behavior.
  • Acceptance Testing. It is a specific test which is performed by the customer to enssure its correct functionality.

    Softlogik S.A. de C.V. has qualified  engineers on ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), standard to make analysis, planning, development and implementation on Software Testing.

    We offered Software Testing as a service to Software Development Companies to help them achieve the quality of their systems.