In the majority of the companies have multiple requirements manually resolve in this case are obsolete. In occasions are difficult to find the solution. That is why Softlogik, S.A. de C.V. provide software solutions to different types of requirements.

Within our portfolio of services is the Software Development Measure, with this, we offer the development of software system that provides specific solutions for each of our clients, integrating quality standards together with different tools, methodologies, technologies and experience that characterizes our teamwork. With this we help to comply and/or to automate business goals and create competitive advantages in differents environments.


Working side by side with our clients we offer Mobile Applications Development. A mobile applications or “App” is an application designed to be executed in “SmartPhones”, “tablets” and others devices with operating systems such as: iOs by Apple, Android by Google and BlackBerry Os by BlackBerry.

Bill Gates: Measure the progress of a program by the number of lines of codes, is like measuring the construction of an aircraft by its weight.


C.A.R. Hoare: There are two ways of software development, one is made so simple that there are not deficiencies, and the other is so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is much more difficult.

A study by Google INC, predicts that smartphone is high demand will increase from 20% of the current market to 70% by 2015.


Cofetel: currently 87 out of 100 Mexicans have a cell phone device.